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Thursday, 20 September 2018

Social Class Categories

The social class category that are relevant to marketers in Nigeria involve three distinct classes, which are the upper class the middle class and the lower class. The basis for getting this categories is the level of income earned by each group. So we can alternatively say,the High Income Class,the Middle Income Class,the Low Income Class.

  It has been suggested several times that it is doubtful if the middle income class exist in Nigeria today. In other word, some people contend that we now have only two social classes,the High Income Class and the Low Income Class,and that the middle income class has virtually disappeared. The reason advanced for this is the peculiar economic crisis of Nigeria in recent times which has seemingly brought down the Middle Income Class to the Low Income statues. However,theoretically we have three social classes in Nigeria.

The social class differs in teems of their consumption pattern or behaviour reflecting the level of income that are earned and expanded. For instance, while the low income class consumers may not afford to buy the high classed clothes,and may result to buying second hand dress,the high income class consumers can afford such high priced  dresses which are bought in boutiques. Again,whereas the high income class consumers may afford to buy a brand new cars,the middle income class consumers may resort to buying second hand or "tokumbo"cars.

Marketers must determine whether they are targeting the high,middle or low income classes in order to develop and use the appropriate strategies to win their patronage.