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Thursday, 20 September 2018

Some Behaviors Associated with Social Class

Research has establishes some behavioural tendencies amongst members of particular social class.

1) Clothing and Fashion: Most people dress to fit or reflect their self image,which include their perceptions of their own social class membership. In one study that examines the fashion interests of women,it was found that all respondents,regardless of social class,considered fashionable clothing to be important. However,upper and middle class women are found to be some what more involved in fashion than their lower class counterparts.(Rich and Fain,1968). Further evidence that there are social class differences regarding fashion is found in the use of cosmetics. Research has revealed in this case that middle class women are more likely to be heavy users of cosmetics than lower class women(Wells 1973).

2) Home Decoration: The decord of the home provides clues to the family's class position. Especially the living room seems to best express how a family wants to be seen by those it entertains.

3) Social Class and Communication: Social class grouping differs in terms of how they transmit and receive communications,and in their media habits. There is evidence that selective exposure to various types of mass media differs by social class. High class consumer tend to have greater exposure to magazines and newspapers than do their lower class counterparts.(Rozen 1979)

4) Saving and Spending: Saving and spending are related to social class standing. According to research findings, upper class consumers are future oriented and confident of their financial standing,to the extent that they are more willing to invest in insurance stocks and teal estate. On the other hand ,lower class consumers are more concerned with immediate gratification:when they do save,they are mainly interested in safety and security.