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Thursday, 13 September 2018

Source of marketing Data

 The three sources of marketing data are :
1. Secondary sources.
2. Primary sources.
3. Syndicated sources.

The following are some of the external sources for secondary data :
1. Newspapers  : These can provide a wealth of general business and marketing information.
2. Professional magazines and journals dealing with aspects of business.
3. Journals.
 4. Magazines.
V. Government publications.
It has been pointed out here that secondary data can be collected from organisation sources or from secondary sources generally the originating sources of external secondary data should be preferred because of the several reasons. First, the originating source is more likely to explain the objects and procedure of data collection. Secondly, the originating source is more likely to present all the data, where as a secondary source may present a part of such data convenience. Finally, the originating source would be more accurate since each additional repeating source of day secondary data present another possible source of error.

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