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Sunday, 30 September 2018

Steps For Create Memorable Names

       To create memorable brand names we have to put together the basic information which include the following :

1.Describe what you are naming : Include in your description key features and characteristics, competitive advantages, and anything else that differentiate your company, product or service from the rest of the field.

2. Summarize what you want your name to be : She did suggest an important product characteristics or convey a particular image. Write down the characteristics and images you want your name to convey.

3. Describe who you are targeting with the name identify your target and their demographics/ lifestyle characteristics : Would they react more positively to a traditional conservative name or to a liberal flashy one? List the name qualities you think would appeal to them such as name, length, sound and image.

4. List names that you like and dislike : Try to come up with a few dozen current names in both categories including your competitors names. Note words and roots that might work for your new name and jot them down.

5. Build a list of new name ideas : Start the list of names that you like and add to it by pulling ideas from a good thesaurus, example the synonym fire by jerome rodale a book of names, example the trademark register, relevant trade journals, a book of root words, example dictionary of English words roots by robert speed and other sources.

6. Combine names parts and words take words, syllables, an existing name parts and combine them to form new names.

7. Pick your favorites : Select several names that meet all your criteria just in case your top choice is unavailable or tests poorly.

8. Conduct a trademark search : Check to make sure your names and not already in use.

9. Test your name before using it : Regardless of how fund you are of the new name, others may have a different opinion. Solicit reactions to your name from prospective customers stockholders and industry experts.