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Thursday, 27 September 2018

Store Choice And Shopping Behavior

       Buyer behaviour also involves starches. In fact the choice of a store maybe more important to the buyer than the choice of a brand, and may involve a more complex set of decision criteria.

         The distinction between brand and store choice also requires that there be a distinction between buying behaviour and shopping behaviour. Bioscrypt frequently shop from store to store for a variety of products, and the motives for shopping may be quiet distant from the motives for buying a particular product. Buyers or consumers may shop because of a desire to search for begins or seek social interaction with salesperson. Neither of these would be directly related to brand or product choice.

         The emphasis on store influences on buying behaviour also requires a shift from a focus on out of store marketing communications advertising to install marketing communications package display, coupons, price, salesperson. The manager's relative emphasis on out of store and in-store stimulus determines the approach to the buyer or consumer.

       Heavier emphasis on advertising is an attempt to create demand prior too entertaining the store. Advertising is especially important if the consumer plans the purchase beforehand . Emphasis on display, personal selling influences choice within the store environment.


      Also related to store choice. Shopping behaviour is a distinctive form of buyer behaviour. To consumers may shop at the same set of stores for reasons of convenience, courteous, sales help, all good decor. But one consumers orientation too shopping can be totally different from the others. The first consumer may find shop in ibadan, something to be done quickly with a minimum effort. the second may enjoy shopping, particularly the satisfaction of buying a desired item at a bargain price. This consumer does not mind spending time searching for alternatives.