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Thursday, 20 September 2018

Strategies for Attitude Change After Purchase

  Marketers may seek to change brand attitudes after, as well as before a purchase. The essence of this strategy is to counter competitive advertising that is crating doubt in the consumer's mind about the purchase (dissonance). This is also done to counteracts negative experiences with the product. Here three theories provide strategy implication for attitude change after the purchase: dissonance theory,attribution theory,and the theory of passive learning.


The implication of this dissonance theory is that marketers should try to reduce dissonance by supplying consumers with positive information about the brand after the purchase. Based on this Runyon(1977) cites five strategy that could be used to provide supporting information after the purchase and there by reduce dissonance.

1) Provide additional product information and suggestions for product care and maintenance through brochures and advertising.

2) Provide warranties and guarantees to reduce post purchase doubt.

3) Ensure good service and immediate follow up on complaints to provide post purchase support.

4) Advertise reliable product quality and performance to reassure recent purchasers of product satisfaction.

5) Follow up after the purchase with direct contacts to make sure the customer understands how to use the product and to ensure satisfaction.

We have to point out here that all these strategies are relevant for all high involvement product categories. They are designed to counteract any negative attitude towards the purchase due to post purchase doubts.


Attribution theory states that the consumer will seek some reason for the purchase after the fact. Sometimes the consumer purchases a brand with little evaluation of brand alternatives. In this case the consumer gives a reason for the purchase of the brand only after he has bought the product. If this is through,then attribution theory implies that advertisers should give consumers reason for the purchase after they have bought the product. This Will make for positive attitude towards the product.