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Thursday, 20 September 2018


Subcultures are groups in a culture that exhibits characteristic behaviour patterns sufficient to distinguish them from other groups within the same culture. A subculture can also be thought of as a distinct cultural group,which exists as an identifiable segment within a larger,more complex society ( Williams, 1970). The members of a specific sub culture tend to possess beliefs,values,and customs that set them apart from other members of the same society. In addition,they adhere to the dominant cultural beliefs,values and  behavioural patterns of the overall society.

It is important that marketers identify subculture and determine whether to direct specific strategies towards them. Sub cultures are the relevant units of analysis for market research. They represent definable target groups for specific products and logical units for segmenting of larger markets.

Subcultures can be defined by age, geography and most important by ethnic identification.

1) Age: In terms of age there are two groups which could be identified as subcultures namely;the youth market (mostly teenagers), and the elderly.

2) Geography: Geographic groups can also be identified as subcultures because of difference in taste and behaviour. For example Eastern, Western, Southern and Northern consumers in Nigeria differ in consumption pattern and tastes.

3) Ethnic subcultures: The most important subcultural entities in Nigeria are defined by ethnic origin or tribes. Consumers in a particular racial,religious or tribal group are considered part of a subculture when they have a common heritage or environment that influences values and purchasing behaviour.

To better satisfy consumers,marketers have learned to segment society into small subgroups or subcultures that are homogeneous in relation to certain customs and ways of behaving. These subcultures provide important marketing opportunities for astute marketing strategies. Subcultural division based on nationality,religion, geographic locality, race,age, and sex often enable marketers to segment market in terms of specific believes,values and customs shared by members of a specific subcultural group.