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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

The Characteristics of Strategic Marketing Management

The characteristics of services marketing management include .

 1. looking beyond immediate issues. Looking beyond immediate issues implies concern with issues other than those we are immediately involved with today. Example fire fighting tactical or day-to-day operational issues are not a part of strategic marketing management.

2. specific decisions and actions. Strategic marketing management is not philosophical about the future management toma marketing, or strategy, but Is rather specific action that must be taken to attach objectives and goals through avoiding threats and taking advantage of the opportunities.

3. top management level of involvement . Strategic marketing management tends to be done by the top level of management of the organisation or business unit , as opposed to the strategy and tactics that are implemented the lower level unit and dues lower levels of management.

4. holistic perspective. All elements of the marketing situation are interrelated, including those strategic variables that can be controlled and the environment that may or may not be controlled.

It is important that an over approach be taken to ensure that no elements is excluded that may turn out to be critically important . Optimisation of any element within the strategy should be avoided.