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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

The Marketing Concepts

Selling concept

 The selling concept is in many ways an extension of the product concept. As the problems of production are solved and competition increase. Emphasis shift to selling of what is provided.

More generally, any companies adopting they selling concept whether in manufacturing, retailing or service industries direct its energies to selling what is has available with little concern for what the customers really want . Salesforce are developed by and may employ hard sell or high pressure selling techniques, distribution is extended and various sales promotion gimmicks may be adopted to woo customers, and typically there is no provision for post sale satisfaction of the consumer.

Selling concept is noticeable among small retail outlets that are not concerned about their image examples on market traders, service companies such as a life insurance hawkers on the street, and many companies in competitive industries which have management unable or unwilling to adopt the marketing concept.

 The marketing concept is a marketing philosophy of being a customer oriented at a profit.

 A marketer conducts his business for the ultimate purpose of meeting the needs of his customer and achieving his own objectives such as profit. It would seem to make sense if the marketer proceeds as follows:

 Ask the customers about their needs.
 Develop or acquire the product to fill those needs.
 Plan and organise a marketing program to bring the products to the customers in such a manner as to lead to the achievement of stated goals .
 Carry out post sale activities that will ensure that the products are satisfactory in use and to learn of consumer reactions that will guide future improvement.