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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

The Marketing Mix

     1. What product attributes/ benefits are important?
     2. How should the products be differentiated?
     3. What segments will be attracted?
     4. How important is service, warranty, and so on?
     5. Is there a need for product variations / product line?
     6. How important is packaging?
     7. How is the product perceived related to competitive offerings?

     1. What type of distributors should handle the product?
     2. What are the channels attributes and motivations for handling the product?
3. What intensity of wholesale retail coverage is needed?
4. What margins are appropriate? 5.What forms of physical distribution are needed?

     1. What is the elasticity of diamond?
     2. What prices policies are appropriate?
     3.How should the product line be priced?
     4. How do we  establish price variation for a product?
     5. How should we react to a competitive price threat?
     6. How important is price to the buyer?

     1. How is the optimal promotional budget?
     2. How important is sales to promotion, advertising, personal selling in stimulating demand?
     3What is the proper promotion mix?
     4. How do we measure the effectiveness of promotion tools?
     5. What copy is most effective?
     6.What media and most effective?

     1.What are the current sales by product line?   
     2.What are current market share by product line?
     3. What are current sales market share by customer types, sales region, and so on?
     4. What is our product company image among customers, distributors, and public?
     5. What is the awareness level in our promotion?
     6. What is the recall level of our brand name?
    7. What percentage distributorship do we have in retailers, medium, small? By geography? customer type?
     8. What percentage of channel is selling below suggested retail price? What is the average retail price of our product?

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