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Tuesday, 25 September 2018

The Planning Process

    The planning process details out the steps involved in planning . For any meaningful marketing planning to be carried out and effectively, there is need for the marketer to fully examine the whole market by studying the people who make up the market, their needs, interest, willingness to buy, buying motives, purchasing power, lifestyles, personalities e t c. It is necessary for a heterogenous market to be segmented using some homogeneous factors. The marketer must analyse the market structure and its composition with a view to deciding on what to produce to satisfy the identified needs of the market, at what price, using what channel and what media for promotion. Marketing planning involves the following vital steps:

1. Are realistic assignment of the market, it's location and accurate measurement of consumer demand. Marketing plans must be directed to the needs of a particular market rather than the product.

 2. Translating the demand into satisfactory products or services.

 3. Development of plans for making the products or service available to the consumer and keeping the consumer informed about the availability of these products and services.