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Saturday, 22 September 2018

The Progress of Ideas in Organisation

The relationship of analysis and creative thought in a typical business can be seen by tracing the progress of a new thought in an organisation.
The following progress of an idea follows three steps :

1. Idea conception : The typical business is started when someone has an idea and believes it will result in a product or service that will be demanded. The idea must offer something that can be produced at lower cost than what is currently available. Creative thoughts are essential in the idea conception stage.

2. Idea attainment : attainment is the second stage in the use of idea in organisations. Ideas originated in the interception stage, they are converted to practice in the attainment stage. It is significant that in the interception stage, creative that was paramount. But in the attainment stage analytic thought predominates.
     In attainment stage, organisations become primarily concerned with delegation of authority, the structure of the organisation, performance standard, cost control, quality control, and all other things that are needed to operate efficiently. Analytic thought can result in an organisation where they work of numerous persons, often hundreds of thousands can be efficiently coordinated to use ideas to the organization's best advantage.

3. Idea Renewal : a successful product or service will eventually be replaced by other innovations. Organisations are renewed when they gain use creativity in inventing or discovering ideas, products, services, or techniques to replace older ones.
     It is important to realise that ideas are the lifeblood of any business. A firm that has ceased to recognise the need for new ideas or failed to harness the creativity process that exists among its personnel is doomed to a rapidly declining future.