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Monday, 10 September 2018

The Relationship between Home Economics and Other Disciplines

  Being a broad based subject, it draws knowledge from other fields there by enriching itself. These subjects include chemistry, physics, Biology, Arts,  agriculture, French, mathematics, Economics, Geography and many other fields of study in higher institutions.

   For example, the knowledge of biology helps to know how the body assimilates the nutrients from food. The quality/ amount of nutrients required by individuals at every developmental stage.

   There is the chemistry of food which helps to determine the elements that make up each nutrient, how they reaction the body. It also helps to understand the makeup of the human body.

  Geography gives us the different climatic conditions of a region or even the world and types of food that could be cultivated in them. The nature and the fertility of a place affect the nutritive value of food. Fine and applied arts helps us learn about colours, interior decoration and dyeing.

  Mathematics helps to measure the quantity of foods and nutrition we always require even in Home management and Textiles. Almost all the subjects that are taught in schools are related to Home Economics.

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