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Thursday, 13 September 2018

The Role of the Research Proposal

Marketing research proposal is required before a particular study is undertaken. The submission of a marketing research proposal performs a number of vital functions in nigeran that a research is properly designed. Specifically the marketing research proposal serves as the following purposes:

1. First, the proposal is both a selling and a purchasing document. If we see it from the point of view of the research supplier, that is the person carrying out the research for others, the proposal provides an opportunity to convince the prospective client, that is the person who wants the research to be carried out for him, that the project should be undertaken, that it should be conducted in a particular manner, and that this particular firm should be retained to do the work. From the point of view of the research user, the receipt of a detailed research proposal makes it possible for decision to be made on the directions which should be taken in conducting the project and on the research firm which should be used.

 2. Secondly, the research proposal allows the researcher to communicate to the prospective client is understanding of the research problems to be addressed. It is critical to the success of the project that the researcher has a clear understanding of the problem facing the client's organisation and the environment in which the research is to be conducted.

3. Third, the research proposal serves as discussion document making it possible for the researcher and the client to plan together the details of the project.

 4. Fourth, the preparation of the research proposal aids in resolving, before the commencement of the project, any misunderstanding which could potentially arise. It provides an opportunity for both parties to put in writing all details concerning how the project is to be conducted.

 5. Finally comma the written proposal normally forms the basis for a formal contract to be signed by the client and the research supplier.

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