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Sunday, 30 September 2018

Things Marketers Do to Win Consumers Patronage and Ensure Their Satisfaction

.  Giving Quick Service.

.   Rendering Apologies.

.   Making Amends or Compensating the Consumers.

a) Giving Quick Services; Quick services should always be  given to customers. This is because time is very important to the consumers or customers. The customer wants to be attended to rather quickly and satisfactorily. The marketer must ensure that the customer does not spend a long time or the whole day waiting to be served. This is especially required in banks where customers want to be served in a short space of time.

b) Rendering Apologies; Any time something is badly done or the customer is badly or poorly served, the marketer should apologies, or anytime something that should be done is not done, apologies should be rendered. Again, any time something unethical is committed,the customer should be given apology. This will help to reduce the customer's hurt feelings,annoyance and dissatisfaction and thus ensure that he returns to patronize the firm.

Making Amends or Compensating the Customer: The marketer must make quick amends or compensate the customer for any shoddy or unsatisfactory product. Whenever the customer suffers as a result of the marketer's behaviour or actions,he should be compensated.  The marketer must be ready to take back a damaged or faulty product even if he has to lose some money, since it is not good for him to lose even a single customer. The marketer must not say that he does not care about losing a customer. Every Customer is important,and the marketer must do every thing possible to retain the customer's patronage.