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Saturday, 29 September 2018

Total Quality Management

       Total quality management is an organisation wide approach to continuously improve the quality of all the organisation's processes, products, and services. The total quality management is a corporate strategy that focuses total company effort on manufacturing superior products with continuous technology improvement. Total quality management is the key to value creation and customer satisfaction.

Total quality is everyone's job.

1. Quality must be perceived by customers. Quality work must begin with the customers' need and end with customers' perception. Quality improvements are only meaningful when they are perceived by customers.

2. Quality must be reflected in every company activity, not just in company products.

3. Quality requires total employee commitment. Only can be delivered only by companies in which all employees are committed to quality and motivated and trained to deliver quality.

4. Quality requires high quality partners. Quality can be delivered only by companies whose value chain partners are also committed to quality. Therefore, The quality driven company has a responsibility to find and work with high quality suppliers and distributors.

5. Quality can always be improved. The best companies believe in continuous improvement of everything by everyone. The best way to improve quality is to benchmark the company's performance against the "best of class" competitors and strive to emulate them or even sleeping over them.

6. Quality improvement sometimes requires quantum leaps. Although quality should be continuously improved, it's sometimes paid for a company to target a punching improvement. Small improvements call for fresh solutions, for working smarter.

7. Quality is necessary, but may not be sufficient. Improving a company's quality is absolutely necessary because buyers are becoming more demanding. But higher quality may not confer a whining advantage, especially as competitors increased their quality to more or less the same extent.

8. A quality drive cannot save a poor product. A quality drive cannot compensate four product deficiencies.