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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Types of Information Required For Planning and Control

1. Situational Analysis.

A. Demand Analysis ;
     1. Buyer behaviour and characteristics.
         a.What do they buy?
         b. Who buys?
         c. Where do they buy?
         d. Why do they buy?
         e. How do they buy?
         f. When do they buy?
         g. How much do they buy?
         h. How will buyer behaviour and characteristics change in the future?

     2. Market characteristics :
        a. Market size potential
        b. Segments.                  c. Selective.         . demand
    d. Future market trends.

B. Competition.
     1. Who are competitors?
     2.Competitors' characteristics.
        a. Marketing programs.
        b. Competitive programs.
        c. Resources.
     3. Major strength and weaknesses.
     4. Future competitive environment.

C. General environment.
     1. Economic conditions and trends.
     2. Government regulation and trends.
     3. Pollution, safety, consumerism concerns.
     4. Technological trends.
     5. political climate.

D. International environment.
     1. Marketing resources /skills.
     2. Product resources /skills.
     3. Financial resources/skills.
     4. Technological resources/skills.
     5. Future trends in internal environment.

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