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Friday, 14 September 2018

Types of Learned Behaviour

We can distinguish four types of learning here:

(1) Learning of Physical Behaviour; Human learn many physical behavior patterns that are useful in responding to a variety of situations faced in every day life. Examples include to  learning to walk,talk ,act,etc.

(2) Symbolic Learning; This is another form learning ;People learn symbolic meanings that enable them to use language to communicate effectively. Similarly symbols enable marketers to communicate with consumers through such vehicles as brand names in order to impart positive image of the company and or its products to the consumers.

(3) Problem Solving; Individuals engage in problem solving learning by employing the process of thinking,reasoning and insight. Many consumer efforts involve problem solving behavior. For instance,consumers are often engaged in thinking of how to improve the satisfaction of their needs and wants through acquisition of new or different products or services. Therefore,thinking and problem solving behavior enables consumers to evaluate a wide variety of products mentally,without having to actually purchase them.

(4) Affective Learning: This type of learning has to do with evaluating(valuing) things in our environment to determine whether we like or dislike them. We learn to value certain elements of our environment and to dislike others. Similarly consumers learn many of their wants,goals and motives as well as what products satisfy these wants. Effective learning determines or influence consumers attitude (favourable and unfavourable) towards a company and its products. Thus what makes consumers to like or dislike products is learning.

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