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Thursday, 27 September 2018

Varying Length of Fashion Cycle

Fashion tend to grow slowly,remain popular for a while and decline. The period covered by fashion cycle varies widely. For some goods, especially the more expensive and durable goods, it covers years. Thus, we found that  the cycle in houses may cover a decade or more. Even for certain less expensive goods, it is sometimes of considerable length as is indicated by the cycle for low shoe and wrist watches. The length of cycle of women's dresses may vary widely from one year to the next,and for such goods as handbags ,costumes,jewelry, and women's shoes. The cycle is often completed in the course of a single selling season (Philip and Duncan 1968)

The length of fashion cycle is hard to predict. Wasson (1968) believes that fashion comes to an end because they represent a purchase compromise, and consumers starts looking for missing attributes. For example, as automobiles become smaller,they become less comfortable, and then a growing number of buyers start wanting larger cars. Further more, too many consumers adopts the fashion, thus turning other away. Reynolds (1966) suggests that the length of a particular fashion cycle depends on the extent to which the fashion meet a genuine need,is consistent with other trends in the society, satisfy societal norms and values,and does not exceed technological limits as it develops.