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Sunday, 30 September 2018

What is Marketer Behaviour

By marketer behaviour,we mean what the marketer does in the process of satisfying his customer (or target market) and ensuring profitability for his organisation and also guaranteeing the welfare of the general public. All that the marketer does,both within and outside his organisation aimed at satisfying consumers needs and wants constitute his behaviour.

Marketer behaviour has to do with the way he thinks about his customers, his perception of their needs,the total action he undertakes and strategies hr employs to take Carr of consumers needs and wants. Marketers behaviour does not does not stop with the consumers, it extends to his behaviour towards personnel in his organisation, outside public such as suppliers, distributors, competitors, the government and others.

The marketer behaviour includes his fundamental philosophy or beliefs guiding his operation, his personality tendencies and the way he acts in satisfying consumers needs.

The objective of marketer behaviour is to satisfy consumers and then make profits for his organisation. To achieve this objectives, the marketer must undertake the following;

1) He must be in tune with consumer's needs, perceptions and attitude.

2) He must be responsive to consumer's needs.

3) He must take all marketing actions that will lead to satisfy the consumer.

4) He must be consumers advocate, always representing their interest.