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Sunday, 30 September 2018

What to do when Unethical Acts have Been Committed

In circumstance where the marketer or personnel of a company have committed many unethical acts in their marketing activities, the marketer is required to take positive steps aimed at solving the problem and neutralizing the negative or bad image create for the company.

The following should be done:

1) The marketer should take appropriate action to establish what the problem is really about. For instance, by carrying out investigation or research.

2) The marketer should address or look into customers complaints and claims promptly. To achieve this,every organisation should create  a department or section to handle such complaints.

3) The marketer should try to solve the problem created or caused for the general public.

4) The marketer should consider compensating those who have been adversely affected by the unethical acts of the company's personnel.

5) The marketer should warn those concerned to cease such acts forth with and not to repeat same in future.

6) The marketer should embark on appropriate public relations campaign to neutralize or remove the bad image and loss of good will caused by the unethical acts.

7) The marketer should remove those personnel who have refused to stop unethical practices or behaviour,either by suspension or terminated which ever is warranted by the situation on the ground and company policy.

8) As follow up to the above, marketers should reorientated other personnel of the company on the need for proper behaviour and restraint from unethical behaviour,by reminding them of relevant sanctions, while letting them know the need to fulfill their moral obligations,and also letting them know the joy,reward and satisfaction inherent in such behaviour.

9) The marketer should establish appropriate control measures,
Firstly to effectively and efficiently monitor the activities of sales persons ,and
Secondly to prevent the recurrence of unethical behaviour,if such measures are not in existence. If they are, the marketer should discover areas of deficiencies and correct same.