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Sunday, 30 September 2018

Who is a Competent Marketer?

Like every other profession, competence is called for in the marketing job. Competence implied that the professional marketer is able to perform on the marketing job effectively,efficiently,responsibly and responsively to achieve the stated objectives of his organisation. Competence implies that that professional marketer has acquired all the relevant marketing tools,skills and strategies which he utilizes at the highest level of effectiveness and efficiency.

Specifically a competent marketer is;

I) A marketer who can formulate a plan for his company that could be used to achieve it's objectives.

II) A marketer can find solution to the marketing (and other) problems of his organisation.

III) A marketer who understands the Nigerian marketing environment (and other foreign environments) and knows the right tactics and strategies to adopt.

IV) A marketer who has comprehensive and in depth knowledge of his target market or customers and knows how best to satisfy their needs and wants.

V) A marketer who understands the strategies and counter strategies to use in reaction to competitors marketing activities or programmes.

   A marketer not only understands the theories and principles of marketing,but more essentially can apply these theories and principles in practical accomplishment or achievement if the firms marketing objectives.