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Sunday, 30 September 2018

Why Do People Shop?

        Tauber 1972, how's made distinction between why do people shop? shopper behaviour and why do people shop where they do? Store selection. A study different motives for shopping through a series of individual depth interviews. From this exploratory research he found a number of shopping motives such as:

Diversion from the routine of daily life.

 Self gratification based on the expected utility of the buying process itself.

 Learning about new trends when visiting a store.

 Physical activity since an urban environment provides little opportunity to exercise.

 Sensory stimulation such as handling merchandise. Trying it on or trying it out.

Social experience outside the home such as encounters with friends or salesperson and pleasure of bargaining as a means to make a wise purchase.

 In another study. Donovan and rosier 1982 found that shopping was frequently viewed as a pleasurable task associated with:

 Enjoying the store environment.

 Browsing and exploring the stores offering.

 Talking to the sales personnel and spending money.