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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Why Marketers Attach So much Importance to Consumer Needs

Consumers needs are the basic of all modern marketing. Needs are the essence of the marketing g concepts and the focus of all marketing effort. The key to a company's survival,profitability and growth in our highly competitive market environment is its ability to identify and then satisfy unfulfilled consumer needs better and sooner than its competitors.

Successful marketers define their markets in terms of the needs they are trying to satisfy,rather than in terms of products they sell. This is a market-oriented,rather than products oriented,approach to marketing. A marketing orientation focuses on the needs of the buyer or consumer;a product orientation focuses on the needs of the seller.

Marketers who base their offerings on recognition of consumer needs finds a ready market for their products. There are unlimited examples of products that have succeeded in the market place because they fulfill consumer needs. On the other hand there are disappointing examples of products and companies that have failed because they didn't recognize or understand consumers needs.

Customers oriented thinking requires the company to define customer needs from the consumers point of view. In general,a company can respond to customers request by giving customers what they want,or what they need,or what they really need. The key to professional marketing is to understand is to understand their customers real needs and meet them better than any competitor can.

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