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Thursday, 4 October 2018

Advantages and Disadvantages of Computers

     There is a widespread in the use of computers due to the numerous benefits derivable from it.

1. Speed of operation:
       When compared to humans,   computers perform complex task in a much reduced time interval.
Accuracy of results:
      with computer the accuracy of result is assured and depends greatly on the data which results are arranged.
Storage retrieval of information: Information can easily be restored and stored at will provided that storage part is that storage part is known. That storage part is known.

2. Application in hazardous environment:
      Computers are employed in hazardous environment which are dangerous to human health. They could be employed as expert system in making human intelligence.
Reduction in time wastage. They reduced to a great extent the amount of time that is supposed to be needed to perform a given task.

 3. Multi purpose function:
        They are now used for a wide range of operation like multimedia for video of music, digital cameras for photographs, telephone lines for communications, scanners for documents duplication etc.

4. Portability:
       The size of today's laptop and notebooks are so small that they are easily moved from place to place, reduced in the use of external storage device.

Disadvantaged of computers:
    There are people having computer for beer and seeing the introduction of computer to all areas of human endeavour as not being welcomed. This to Them are because of the following reasons.

1. Unemployment / job displacement. Computer has due to its numerous benefits, which include the speed in processing information faster, than humans. Many technical jobs that require high accuracy are now being replaced with computers duals, creating unemployment job displacement as the case may be.

 2. Computer crime. Fraudulent computer users now apply the use of computers in execution fraud in banks, industries, establishment et c. Again they use viruses, which are destructive computer programs to attack and destroy data and program resources of organisation. The equally probe into user's privacy without authorisation.