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Thursday, 4 October 2018

Characteristics of Computers

        by this we want to look at some special features that make a computer distinct machine over all types of machines. Some of these features include high speed, versatility, accuracy, reliability and storage.

 1. High-speed computer processor execute a task in an estimated time f1 billions second that is 1/10 seconds . This is unimaginable speed in human thinking. Remember that the processor speed is not the same as that of the peripheral device like keyboard or monitor.

 2. Versatility. The computer features we are emphasizing here is its ability to perform many different types of jobs. Unlike other electronic gadgets in our home that render only one types of functions such as television, radio et c. Computer can be used to perform multiple functions at the same time even . Computer can be used to design, play v cd, dvd or games, to typeset to keep record, to calculate send message to mention but a few.

 3. Accuracy. By this we mean that computer does not make mistake. It's operate on the principle called g i g o meaning garbage in garbage out. Errors can only come from the operator since computer operations is based on the instruction set guiding the particular computer. Hence, accuracy of results assured.

 4. Reliability as long as power supply remains constant, computer performs its job continuously and never complains of being tired. In some corporate organisation a computer can be section to work for 72 hours or more.

 5. Storage. Computer is gaining popularity in different applications simply because it can store information that will be assessed afterwords and make updates or produce report. Organisations like jamb waec neco inec and nysc talk of online registration because computer can store information for a later date.