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Thursday, 4 October 2018

Communication Software / Packages

   Communication software software that manage the transfer of data between computer and another in a network. Initially, communication between computers through a modem. Modem is a device which transfer data from one computer to another the telephone line. The connection between computers and this phone is termed dial up connection. The model is fitted into the two computers that are communicating. Today computers are interconnected through speed l a n local area network and wireless connections. There is a lot of communication software that must take part in network must have a network operating system and os among other things. Some popular communications software includes cross talk, fax talk communicator, windows netmeeting, quick line, e.t.c. With communications software packages, you have the following capabilities.

 Online connections. You can make a connection to online service such as american online , microsoft network, and other networks used in the office and the internet.

Use of financial services. You can order good, look up airline schedules and make reservations, follow and engage in stock trading, and even do some banking and bill paying.

 Automatic dialling service. You can set your software to answer for you if somebody calls your computer to dial certain telephone numbers for you automatically and to automatically raise after a certain time if the line is busy.

 Remote access connections. While you are away you can use your portable, mobile pcs to exchange files with your computer at home .

 File transfer service. You can download a file from other computers in the network into your own personal computer and as well upload files to other computers in the network from your pc.

 Fax support you can send and receive fax message from your computer to other computers or even fax machines.

 Electronic mail email services. You can send and receive letters and which attachments from other computers in your network and even other networks. Most times this feature is performed by different software.

 Chatting. You discuss with people who are connected and logged on as though you are sitting face to face with them. Here distance is not any form of barrier as you can stay in your local community and chat with a person in any oversea countries.

 Teleconferencing. Teleconferencing refers to holding a conference by telephone or network connection. Computers has given new meaning to the term because they allow groups to do much more than just talk. once a teleconference is established, the group can share applications and mock up a common white board. there are many data compression applications that work over private networks. One of the first to operate over the internet is microsoft net meeting.

 Video conferencing. Video conferencing is conducting a conference between two or more participants and different geographical locations by using computer networks to transmit audio as well as video data. Each participants in the conference has a video camera, microphone, and speakers mounted on his or her computer. With a conference and allows the participant to sit in a visual conference room and communicate as if they were sitting right next to each other .

 Web browser services. You can view information at the website in form of colourful on-screen magazine styles page with text, pictures sound and even movies.

 Games and entertainment software. Computers are not only meant to make you work until you are tired. It also brings about recreation and entertainment. The entertainment software are on various types sample audio player, sony video player, movie player, et c. A lot of games that will play in the real world have a simulated in the computer and we can play them in the computer either with the computer or with other individuals. Example of some simulated game software soccer, cheers, pinball, golf, solitary, freecell e.t.c.

 Programming languages. These are special codes, which the computer understands by the help of software called compilers or interpreter. The development of computer programming language is a major breakthrough towards the application of computers in various fields of human discipline. There are various forms of programming languages thus:

Low level languages. These are the languages that have to do directly with the computer hardware. They use os and i s2 form commands that cause the computer to perform series of operations as determined by the programmer. These are sometimes called machine languages. Example include assembly language e t c.

 High level languages. These are more like the natural language of the computer user. This type of language does not bother about the knowledge of the computer hardware. It uses the compiler to link the user generated codes and the machine language. It should be noted that the higher a language is the closer it is to the natural language of the computer user. For english language users, the commands are more like english statement. Examples include: basic, fortran, pascal, java, c and c + +, visual basic, html, dbase, ada, et c.