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Thursday, 4 October 2018

Database Management Applications

    In its simplest form a data this is a computer based collection of interrelated files and setup programs to access and modify the data in these files. Database software therefore a software that controls the boat structure and access to the database. The software is commonly called database management system dbms. The primary goal of dbms is to provide an environment that is both convenient and efficient to use in storing, retrieving and manipulation of database information. Prior to 1960 file management operations are left for the operating system to handle. During that period, there were a lot of problems that resulted to complex anomalies in the database meant. Some of the prominent problems are .

Redundancy  and inconsistency ,

 Data access difficulty,

 Data integrity problems,

 Security problems,

 Data isolation and automata problems,

 Concurrent access anomalies.

 The data basement system provided solutions to the enumerated problems. Just brought a boost to data processing and storage using computers. There are a lot of examples of dbms. The most common ones are dbase, ms access, paradox, oracle, e.t.c.

General features of database management system. some of the features are as follows

 Organisation. The database is organised from the smallest to largest item into fields, records and files. A field is a unit of data made up of one or more characters. An example is surname, first name, e.t.c. when related fields are collected together, they form a record. While file is a collection of related records.

 Retrieve and display. With database software you can quickly locate and record in the database. With the record, you can perform any operations on the record as a whole or some fields in the record.

 Sort. Usually records are entered into a database in the order they are Generated. But with database software you can easily change the order or the records in the file.

 Calculate format and print. Most database software contain inbuilt functions all formulas for competitions. When the competition is completed, such information can be formatted and printed on paper using the database software.