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Thursday, 4 October 2018

Database Management System Objects

     A database consists of a collection of tables, queries, forms, reports and pages that you used to manage and present data. These components are also called database objects. When you build a database, you create as many of these objects as you need, and dbms stores them in one database file. Each object you create in the database is dependent on other objects. That is not easy to say that query, form, all reports drugs from information from tables, so changing data in any of these objects changes the data in all of these objects. These are seven main elements of database in dbms:

Table . Use table to store data.

 Forms. Use forms to enter or edit the data in your tables. Forms let you view one record at a time.

 Queries. Filter data so that you can retrieve selected records from the database.

 Data access page. Create html pages from a database quickly and effectively.

 Reports. Use reports to deliver a professional presentation or written report.

 Macros. Automate task that you perform on a regular basis in a data base.

 Modules. Automate a group of related procedures in access.