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Thursday, 4 October 2018

Distribution of Consumer Goods

Five channels are widely used in the marketing of consumer products. In each,the manufacture also has the alternative of using of using sells branches or sells offices. Obviously,our suggestion that there are only five major channels in our oversimplification, but one that seems necessary if we are to discuss this unwisely subject in a few paragraphs.

1) Producer_consumer; the shortest simplest channel of distribution for consumer product is from the producer to the consumer,with no middleman involved. The producer may sell house to house or by mail.

2) Producer_retailer_consumer; many large retailers buy directly from manufacturers and agricultural producers.

3) Producer__wholesaler__retailer__consumer; if there is a "tradition" channel for consumer goods, small retailers and small manufacturers by the thousand find this channel the only  economically feasible choice.
4) producer_agent_retailer_consumer;instead of using wholesalers,many producers prefer to use a manufactured agent, a broker or small other agent. Like middlemen to reach to retail market , especially large scale retailers. For example,a manufacturer of a glass cleaner selected a food broker to reach the grocery market,including the large chain.

5) Producer_ agent_wholesaler_retailers_consumer.