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Friday, 12 October 2018

Ecological Organization Levels And the Ecosystem

The word ecology comes from the Greek word oikes meaning dwelling place or home, so ecology is the study of organisms at home. Biologist usually define it as a study of living organisms in relation to their environment. It is also known as environment biology. Ecology is a practical science. It involves

• measuring factors affecting the environment;

• studying the distribution of living organisms; and 

• finding out how living organisms depend on on one another and their non living environment for their survival.

   As living organisms, we are also part of the environment, interacting with other living organisms and the non living environment. As organisms who make the greatest impact on the environment, we need to study ecology. This will help us to understand how we affect our environment, and so enable us to utilize its resources wisely.

We are going to discuss the organization levels in ecology to give us an understanding of the basic ecological concepts needed for carrying out particular ecological studies.