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Thursday, 11 October 2018

Factors affecting availability of food

The most important factor that affects the availability of food is food production. Some developing countries fail to produce sufficient food because they use their best quality land for raising cash crops like rubber and oil palm to supply the needs of Developed countries. The government of such country have to strike a Balance between producing cash crops and food crops. They also have to realize the importance of agriculture in the overall economy of their countries and take treasures to help farmers. The following are some of the steps taken by west African countries:


Farmers are taught to read and write. They are told about the latest planting materials, breeds of livestock, pesticides and fertilizers that are available, through newspaper, posters , radio and television, they are shown films on modernized farming techniques. Agricultural officers use demonstration plots, set up all over the country, to show  them to adopt better farming practices. Agricultural shows are also organized to help farmers improve their farming practices. Agriculture is also thought in schools to ensure the quality of farming improves in the future.

Financial aid

Farmers are given loans, grants and credit facilities to help them to set up and run their farms. Agricultural products are subsidized and tractor hire services are available.
The government have introduced farm settlement schemes. This aids young people who are interested in farming to obtain land , planting materials and equipment. They are also taught modern methods of farming.


The governments have organized campaigns to increase food production. In Nigeria, the operation feed the nation (O.F.N) is a promising attempt to increase agricultural yields. It aims at making the country self sufficient in food production by

• getting more people involved in farming;

• encouraging greater investment in land, goof farming materials and equipment; and 

• developing a pride and Interest in agriculture.

   Availability of food also depends on food preservation, distribution and storage. Food preservation ensures that food can be kept for long periods without spoiling. Food surplus from a good harvest can be kept for future use. Also, food produced in one country can be sent to another country. Surplus food in developed countries can be made available to the needy people in developing countries.

    Food is mainly produced in the country side. From there, it has to  be transported to people in urban areas and other countries. This Requires adequate road, rail , sea and air transport facilities. Without such facilities, good cannot be made available to people.

   The food produced has to be packaged and stored properly at the production centre, during transport and the place where it is needed. Food storage facilities include food warehouses, silos, cold storage warehouses, and refrigerated containers and railway wagons. Such storage facilities are provided by both government and the private sector.

    In some developing countries, sufficient food may be available in the markets and shops. However, not all the people have the means to buy it. Some may only be able to buy the cheaper starchy food. Such people will suffer from malnutrition.