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Thursday, 4 October 2018

Graphics Design and Presentation Packages

Computer graphics designs include drawing, painting and presentation. With the conventional oil painting, if the artist makes a mistake, he would have to take a rag and wipe it off. But with the computer, it could just press a key on the board to undo the action. Artist and non artist alike can use the computer to create wonderful illustrations and artwork. The following are aspects of computer graphics.

 Presentation graphics. This is a part of presentation software which uses graphics and data information from other software tools to make presentation of documents electronically supervisors or clients very explanatory and attractive. Presentation graphics makes use of some analytical charts like bar, line , I'm pie charts. Popular examples include the microsoft powerpoint what perfect presentations, asap, astound et c. Presentations on weeds presentation software are displayed electronically in slides.
 The package is self comes with slide sorta, and mention effects, sound effects, slide transition effect, e.t.c. the person making the presentation can use the mouse or keyboard to bring the slides up for viewing or even set up an automated self running slide show .

 Drawing programs. This is graphic software that allows users to design an illustrator objects animate or inanimate and products . Drawing software or similar to computer aided design software cag, but with cag there is precise dimensioning and positioning of the object being in australia unlike other drawing software. Popular examples of drawing software include coreldraw, adobe illustrator, macromedia freehand, e t c.