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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

How Big and Lucrative is Blogging in Africa and Nigeria

Blogging is the art of writing, addressing issues, followed by posting of essential information on an online directory generally referred to as a website. Blogging is lucrative depending on how far you want to go and how deep you wish to invest your time and hardwork.

    Blogging is Lucrative, and Blogging is  also not lucrative in another way. I have met thousand of people who blog for a living and still show nothing for their effort.  It is common in Africa especially in countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia and sierra Leone. Basically the amount of information and the credibility of your information speaks more of your website.

An example, , my website is about science , technology, marketing and computer. The purpose of starting my website was to share my knowledge. The knowledge I share today brings a lot of capital to my organisation.

   Google AdSense plays an essential role, without Google AdSense blogging will be irrelevant and non competitive leaving about 190 million bloggers in Africa languishing in market capitalisation.

   Today blogging is now regarded as the Hub of wealth in Africa. People have made money , the likes of Linda ikeji (owner of ) and others are a living testimony to my revelation.

On the other hand, blogging have helped rendered people useless, one third of people who invested Into blogging today find it difficult to make it to the top. Competition and the little knowledge they have about blogging have limited them from knowing different things in Blogging.
Example: A man opened an entertainment blog, he lacked the idea that every blog must have a sitemap and  webmaster dashboard , to lead google and other search engines into knowing more about his site. This will essentially determine his website ranking and income, due to his low knowledge of things that could help skyrocket his blog to meet his goals.

Overall, blogging is Lucrative to some people especially the likes of  Linda ikeji, Patrick ejike Chibike, tosin ajigbade, ngobidi Cynthia , ada nna and many more. 

   The above mentioned bloggers like Linda ikeji have made close to $6 million during the course of six years, while tosin ajigbade have made close to $2 million in the last 4 years, ada nna have made close to $700,000 in the last four years or so. 

The statistics mentioned above  can authoritatively convince and make you understand that blogging is Lucrative. 

I hope You can make your choice Carefully and Choose if you would carve a career out of blogging or not. Thank you for Reading.