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Monday, 1 October 2018

How the Marketers Should Deal with Customers Complaints

According to Adirika (1998) there is no company which has never experienced customers complaints. Though no body likes customers complaints,the marketer,nevertheless,must device strategies to address and handle such complaints. To this effect,the first thing the marketer should do with a customer who complains and who is ruffled and upset is to clam him or her down, which can be achieved through the application of psychological and patience. Then the marketer should go further to do the following.

1) The first action and feeling the marketer should convey is that he is genuinely sorry.

2) Then the marketer should explain that he will do his best to see that the complaint is satisfactorily dealt with.

3) The marketer should do all that is possible t counter balance the customers tenseness,anxiety and emotionalism with calmness and careful attention to the details of the case. This will make the customer to relax and to slow down in an attempt to properly describe the situation.

4) An early indication or sign that the marketer wants to address the complaint properly usually puts the customer in a more relaxed and less emotional mood.

5) An early interjection from the market about a detail, also brings about a sobering effect. For instance,the marketer can say, "please hold on a minute",did you say the cooling van alternator was shooting out sparks. Precisely when did you notice this? In their absorption with accurately giving out details, customers usually forget their anger.

6) The marketer should realize that customers are not usually unreasonable people. If the complaint is well handled,they will end up thanking the marketer and apologising for their initial out burst. As human being they should be provided with convincing not and comfortable safety values for venting their anger,or expressing their distress or frustration.

7) The marketer should also note that when complaints are handled to customer's satisfaction, they enhance the development of loyalties this lead to future sales,and continued relationship. They also enhance goodwill for the organisation.

8) The marketer should keep note of customer's complaints and how they were handled. Such notes may become a plus factor for later dealings with the customers,and also serve as a reservoir of information on how particular situations can be handled.

9) The marketer is advised never to trivialise any complaint. He should rather give each and every complaint the attention it deserves and desires.