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Thursday, 4 October 2018

Marketers Behavior Towards Profitability and Consumer Satisfaction

The question is often asked,why is the professional marketer always talking of consumer satisfaction, instead of paying more attention to profit making (maximization of profit)? The reason is that the market knows that if he satisfies the consumer,they will certainly come back to purchase his product. In fact they will become loyal to purchasing and using his products and this surely will lead to making profit if not in the short run,but in the long run. In short customers satisfaction leads to continuous patronage and hence to high profitability for the organisation.

Another reason why the marketer emphasizes consumer satisfaction is because business has become very competitive. There may be several or many organisations selling the same or similar products. To remain in business,therefore, one should be able to satisfy his customers. In the modern competitive marketing environment,any firm that does not satisfy its consumers will gradually be pushed our of the market by competitor who offer better or much more satisfactory product to consumers.

It is imperative that the marketers operating in Nigeria should shed off or abandon the prevailing tendency whereby businessmen over emphasize profitability,to the neglect of consumer satisfaction. Businessmen or made meter who emphasize profitability more than consumer satisfaction should realize that the foundation or basis for making continuous stream of profit in modern marketing strategy is by offering consumers the best "package" of benefits of satisfaction. Marketers must think of consumers satisfaction before they think of profit.

Any person who has trained or studied to be a professional marketer must have the right orientation and behaviour,he must always think customer. He must always ask questions; "how will I satisfy my customers?" "What will I do to offer the best package of satisfaction to my customers?" A professional marketer must make it a point of duty to satisfy his customers. He must never do any thing to frustrate,cheat or exploit customer.

Any person who calls himself a professional marketer but is not satisfying his target customers or market,is not what to be called a marketer. What qualify a person to be regarded as professional marketers is his obligation or commitment satisfying consumers. We can not regard a person who had the notorious intention or plan of exploiting or cheating the consumers as a professional marketer. A professional marketer never thinks or plans how to cheat his customers, instead he plans or think of how to satisfy his customer in the most excellent way.

Professional marketers do things logically. They first think about customers satisfaction,before thinking of profit making. Professional marketers know that everything follows its logical sequence, first you satisfy the consumer and then profits will follow. Profit is the result of satisfying the customers needs and wants.