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Monday, 1 October 2018

Marketing in Traditional Nigeria Context

       Indeed, marketing as a discipline is relatively new, even though some elements of its practice have been with us for long. Modern marketing itself is of post second world war development. Its concept was developed many years ago.
 The practice of marketing in Nigeria can be divided into different phases before her contact with Europe and consequent colonization, Nigeria existed as autonomous unit of different tribes. Commerce not given more attention, as people produce basically all that they needed for personal and family consumption. What had to be bought were mainly such things that were endowments of nature and what could not easily be produced because of lack of skill. People who needed such things had to go to the periodic or daily markets to buy them.

     In the traditional contest, a market was seen in Nigeria as a place, where people could come to buy, sell and socialize with others. Two types of market exists : the rural periodic markets and the urban daily market. In both types of market, people come with their wares and display them for sale at designated publicly owned places. Some sellers most especially those selling drugs and charms try to attract audience or prospects to their stands through the use of live music, acrobatic and magical displays. The existence of this collective market dates back to pre colonial days virtually all goods and services can be bought in this market. However, the daily urban markets usually have more manufactured and imported articles than the rural periodic markets. While agricultural products are cheaper in the rural markets, manufactured products are cheaper in urban market than in the rural markets.
  Contact with Europe and consequent acculturation has brought changes in the way of life of our people, most especially in the area of commerce and industry. While virtually all were engaged in agriculture before colonization, now a commercial or business class has been created. People today and more aware of their rights than in the past. There has also being a drift to the urban centres and the rural areas now crave for organisation as a means of civilization and development. In urban centres, almost every building has a store or warehouse for commercial purpose. Modern means of promotion are now being used to encourage patronage.
  It is worthy to note that in spite of the changes brought by European civilization, most of the traditional practices earlier mentioned still remain in our commercial practices today. The collective periodic and daily market still exist in virtually all parts of the country competing with modern supermarkets and other retail stores. Some retailers still had chance at the entrance of their stores, expecting these to bring customers to them, just the way modern marketing promotion is used. However, while the collective markets are growing and will not be expected to give way for modern retelling, traditional, practices are giving way for the modern retailing. Most other traditional commercial practices are giving way for modern ones in Nigeria.