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Monday, 1 October 2018

Task Performed By Marketers

Marketer behaviour involves performing certain tasks. To perform these tasks,the marketer has to relate with personnel in the department, personnel in other department, the management of the organisation, distributors or middlemen,consumers,professional bodies or associations, government and other publics. The marketer will not succeed in his job unless he knows how to interact and relate well with those who contribute to achieve his marketing objective.

The following are some of task usually performed by the marketer.

I) Getting management convinced to adopt and implement appropriate marketing policies and strategies.

II) Getting the cooperation of every member of the organisation to adopt and practice the marketing concept or the major tenets or principles of marketing.

III) Getting the cooperation of personnel in marketing department to work toward  customer satisfaction and cooperate profitability

IV) Getting the cooperation of personnel in other departments of the organization to work towards customers satisfaction and corporate profitability.

V) Getting the cooperation if outside public's such as retailers, wholesalers in other to satisfy consumer.

VI) Getting the support and cooperation of professional bodies and associations in working towards the development and progress of the marketing profession and practise.

VII) Getting the cooperation and influencing the government to adopt and implement good policies that will enhance marketing operations.