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Friday, 19 October 2018

Types of Enzymes

Enzymes are classified according to the reactions they take part in. Most enzymes are hydrolysing enzymes. They can bring about the decomposition of a substrate by the addition of water molecules to it. This process is called hydrolysis. Reversely, they can also bring about the synthesis if complex substances from simple substances. In this process, eater is removed (condensation). Most digestive enzymes are hydrolysing enzymes. 

     There are several types of digestive enzymes. They are named according to the type of food they digest.

    An oxidation reduction enzyme brings about oxidation of a substrate. This process occurs either by the addition of oxygen or the removal of hydrogen. It is usually accompanied by the reduction of another substance. Most of the respiratory enzymes like dehydrogenases , oxidases and catalases belong to this group.

    Besides this two groups, there are also several others types of enzymes.