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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Who Really is God in the Bible

People ask a lot of question all over the continents. Many Christians actually explain the answers to their questions to them, this does not stop them from asking  more questions like "Why" , "How" , "When" , but why you try to give them appropriate answer, they may ask you, "but When, but How,  e.t.c.

    The elderly and young ones have unfinished questions, I have questions , don't you have questions too. After we ask our questions and we don't find a very nice and satisfying answers to them, then most of us might stop bothering ourselves to find the answers to our questions.

    Before I proceed , three years back while teaching in adult class  in the church of roman Catholic , I asked my student a question " can we find answers to our questions we ask ,  in the Bible ". 
Now 90% of adults in my class thought yes we can , while 10% thought we could not find all the answers in the bible.

During my life encounter I met lots of people who thought that the Bible was difficult to understand. They also thought they could get their answers from Priest , pastors, evangelist. Now , most of them I met along the line were so shy to admit to me that they don't have the answers to my question or rather know the answers.

   Everyone or individual is willing to have answers to their respective questions, and that is why the question of today is " Who is God" .

    Jesus the heavenly son of God said In the holy scriptures as Quoted ; keep on asking , and you shall receive; keep on seeking, and you will find; keep on knocking , and the doors will be opened for you. The book of Mathew 7:7 , Dont give up till you find the answers that you can trust. 

Don't you think its the right thing the Bible is saying? I agree with the teaching of Jesus because if you seek, surely you shall find them , and the bible will make you find them. 

   Now , you have learnt that the bible can answer you the question of who God is, I want to encourage you to read more of God Word. As you do so , May God bless you in Jesus name.

From the Desk of the CEO of , Patrick Ejike chibike