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Sunday, 11 November 2018

Common household Appliances Utilizing Electric Power

The following are  some examples of electric appliances found in homes and their applications.

1. Electric pressing iron Used for smoothing out cloth.

2. Electric Kettle used for boiling water for tea, pap, etc.

3. Coffee percolator used for preparing coffee drinks, right from ground coffee sit.

4. Blender or grinder used for liquidizing fruit, tomatoes, onions, pepper, etc.

5. Mixer used for mixing floor and other paste for bread, cake, acara, ukpo, fura, etc.

6. Fan used for blowing air. It , however, has different types as listed below:

(a) table man - from the table top.

 (b) Standing fan - adjustable to various positions

C. Ceiling fan - hanging from the ceiling.

D. Orbital fan - orbiting its ventilation , e.g as in offices.

E. Extractor fan - used to suck out an unwanted air, heat and fumes from rooms, kitchen and stores.

7. Cooker - used for heating , boiling, and baking purposes, with oven.

8. Boiling ring : this is an immersion heater similar to that fixed into an electric kettle, but insertable into bucket, cups, etc. For boiling water.

9. Toaster : used for turning bread slices in to hot hard brown toast.

10. Record player / Radio used for playing records. 

11. Radio /video set /TV : the radio is used for receiving radio transmission, television is used for receiving pictures , transmitted from television station , and video is used for viewing recorded pictures / sound.

12. Refrigerator , used  for preserving foods and drink, or keeping them cool.

13. Air conditioner used for cooling rooms, offices, libraries, etc.