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Thursday, 15 November 2018

Conservation of Forest

The forests of the world play an important role in water and soil conservation.

• they hold rainwater and release it gradually to the soil below and to the streams that flow through them.

• they provide a protective cover for the soil against the action of wind and rain.

• they act as wind breaks, reducing wind speeds and checking the erosion of the surrounding land.

In addition, forests have an enormous effect on climate and provide homed for wildlife.

    We are destroying forest, especially the luxuriant rain forests, at an amazing rate

• for timber ; and

• to make way for growing crops, setting up industries, and building roads and housed.

    When forests are cleared, the soil becomes eroded, devasting floods occur and rivers and lakes fill up with slit. Many plant species become extinct. The natural homes of wildlife is destroyed, reducing their numbers and wiping out many species. The rainfall in the deforested region becomes less, encouraging the spread of deserts. A landscape, once luxuriant with vegetation and teaming with wildlife, slowly becomes transformed into a barren semi desert scene.

     We now know the importance of forests and great efforts are being made to conserve the remaining forests. In many countries including Nigeria, governments have set aside forest reserves. These forest reserves are protected by laws that prohibit tree felling, hunting and other human activities that might harm the forest ecosystem.

    The remaining forests are well protected by laws which ensure that tree for timber are cut down selectively and at a regulated rate. Young trees and seed trees are not felled. New seedlings are planted to replace those trees that were cut down for timber.

    In Nigeria, the government launches campaigns periodically

• to encourage tree planting to make the people aware of the importance of forests.

• to discourage bush burning , an old farming practice that is still carried out in certain rural areas.

    The forestry department looks after the national forests and ensures that the forest conservation laws are obeyed. Forestry officials advise private timber owners and provide them with technical service. They check the trees regularly and help to control insects and diseases that harm them. Scientists in the forestry department carry out research to improve the quality of the forest trees, and make  the forest more productive.

    The above conservation methods ensure that forests are continually renewed and improved, and at the same time provide our needs.