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Saturday, 24 November 2018

Forms in which Living Cells Exist

Unicellular Plant like Protists

Chlamydomonas is a unicellular organisms which is motile with a cup shaped chloroplast. It Is a free living Autotroph, carrying out all the activities of a living organism. The protoplasm is therefore complex since it can perform all the functions of a living organism.

    When chlamydomonas cells receive light. Starch grains appears in their cytoplasm, indicating their ability to make food. These grains disappear when they are kept in the dark.

   Chlamydomonas cells move about by using their whip like flagella. They are sensitive to changes in their surroundings and respond to them. For example, they move from a lit region to region with More light.

    Chlamydomonas cells get rif of the excess water that enters them from the surroundings by means of contractile vacuoles, which fill IP with water and empty it to the exterior repeatedly.

   Young chlamydomonas cells grow until they reach maximum size. Then, they reproduce by asexual or sexual methods.

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