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Sunday, 25 November 2018

How to use the Microscope

• Clip the specimen side on the stage of the microscope. Make sure the specimen is over the hole in the stage.

• Rotate the nose piece to bring the low power objective lens just above the specimen.

• Place a lamp in front of the microscope and tilt the Microscope mirror so that the directed up through the eyepiece.

• Look through the eyepiece and adjust the diaphragm of the iris until the light is bright , but not dazzling.

• Look from the side of the microscope, and turn the coarse adjustment knob and lower the objective lens until it is close to the slide.

• Look through the Eyepiece and slowly turn the coarse adjustment knob and raise the objective lens until the specimen comes into view. Use the coarse and one adjustment knobs to focus the specimen sharply.

To look at the specimen under high power, rotate the nose piece until the higher power objective lens is over the specimen. Then , look through the Eyepiece and carefully focus the specimen, using the fine adjustment knob. Adjust the illumination if necessary.

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