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Sunday, 25 November 2018

Making a Wet Mount of a Specimen

Specimens for viewing through a Microscope are usually prepared as thin slices or sections. Soft tissues like root tips are squashed, while liquid tissue like blood is smeared. Transparent part of a specimen are often stained with appropriate dyes to make them visible.  The prepared specimen is then mounted in the glass microscope slide as follows :

• Place a drop of the mounting liquid (, usually water or glycerine) in the centre of a clean dry microscope slide and put the specimen in this liquid.

•  Stand a cover slip on the slide at the angle of 45°. Pull it along the slide until it touches the drop of liquid. Using a mounting needle, very carefully, lover the cover until it is flat on the top of the liquid drop. With a piece of filter paper, draw off, if any, excess mounting liquid around the cover slip.

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