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Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Plant and Animal Cell

Plant cells contain all the structures and organelles found in animal cells, except the Centrioles. They also contain a few structures not found in the cells. The most prominent is the cell wall  that gives the plant cell its definite shape. It is secreted by the cytoplasm and is composed of cellulose, a carbon hydrate found only in high tensile strength, close to that of steel. It thus provides the plant with mechanical support. Since plants make food by photosynthesis, their cell contains chloroplasts. A mature plant cell has its vacuole filled with cell sap. The size of the vacuole pushes the protoplasm along the edge of the cell. This makes the plant cell look strikingly different from the protoplasm filled animal CE, which usually has only small vacuoles. In plant cells, starch granules are present; in animal cells glycogen is present.

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