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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Recycling of Minerals

Unlike fossil fuels, most minerals are not destroyed when we use them. We can , therefore, recover them for other used. This is known as recycling.

   Metal scraps and metal tins, lids, etc. In garbage can be recycled. Glass to can be recycled from glass containers to garbage. To recycle used materials, we have to collect them and sort them. Recycling helps to reduce solid waste, one of the caused of land pollution.

   Many industrial processes like electroplating produce wastes that contain metals. These are now recovered from the wastes as they cause environmental pollution. Their recovery also helps to conserve them as they are non renewable resources.

   Many minerals which are now considered as renewable resources will be classed as recyclable resources in the future. The concentration of these waste mineral resources will be in towns and cities. 

   Recycling of all kinds of wastes will be a promising industry. This is because recycling

• conserves non renewable resources like metals;

• reduces environmental pollution; and

• reduces the problem of waste disposal