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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Reduction of Air Pollution

Air pollution can be greatly reduced by proper maintenance of machinery, motor vehicles, boilers, furnaces and chimneys. This would ensure that fuel is burnt efficiently, and so reduce the production of pollutants, especially carbon monoxide and soot.

   Other anti air pollution methods include

• removing sulphur compounds from coal and low grade fuels oils before use;

• using unleaded petrol or petrol with low lead levels;

• treating the waste gases of industries to remove sulphur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen and using the products formed for other purposes;

• fitting chimneys with filters to remove pollutants;

• fitting the exhaust system of motor vehicles with catalytic converters to remove oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, and unburnt carbon;

• designing furnaces and car engines that operate at lower temperatures to reduce the production of the oxides of sulphur and nitrogen; and

• using substitutes for ozone destroying chemicals like chlorofluorocarbons  that  do mpt affect the ozone layer.