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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Reduction of Oil/Land Pollution

The soil becomes polluted when it's loses its fertility. Land containing such soil has a poor vegetation cover. If large stretches of land are involved, the climate changes gradually and less rain falls in the region. This eventually leads to desert formation. Many savanna regions are under constant threat of being turned into deserts, and many of our activities are hastening this process.

   Soil pollution can be reduced by

• preventing soil erosion

•  preventing overgrazing of pastures , and 

• good farming practices such as manuring and crop rotation.

   Mining activities scar the land badly. To control this, the corporation that propose to mine an area should be made to restore the land after mining operations are over. Restoring mining LANs is very expensive. This would be a way of controlling indiscriminate mining activities.

   Land pollution. Due to the accumulation of solid wastes can be reduced by their proper collection and disposal. Most of the waste is burnt in incinerators. Developed countries with a high standard of living produce enormous amounts of non biodegradable solid wastes such as plastic and glass bottles, Styrofoam containers and metal cans. Most of these are collected and recycled to produce other useful materials. Recycling of materials is a very important method of both pollution control and conservation. This is an essential lesson that we are slowly learning from nature which, as we have learnt, recycles all its nutrients.