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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Reduction of Water Pollution

Water pollution can be greatly reduced by :

• Treating sewage in sewage plants before emptying the effluent into rivers and seas. During this process, the solids settle to form sludge. The liquid is exposed to aerobic bacteria this settling up the food chain below:

Discovered organic matter ---> Bacteria (decomposers) ---> Consumer plankton ---> Worms and insect Larvae

Harmful disease causing bacteria and organic wastes are thus removed by nature cleaning process. The resulting liquid can be safely emptied into water bodies. This liquid , however , contains nitrates and phosphates which can Aldo cause problems.

• Treating industrial wastes before emptying them into water bodies. In this process, organic wastes are converted to biodegradable forms and toxic compounds, such ad mercuric salts , are removed.

• Ensuring that organic manure is used as far as possible in farms instead of inorganic fertilizers.

• Ensuring that maximum precautions are taken to prevent oil spillage.

• Building nuclear waste silos for storing radioactive wastes, so that ground water does not become contaminated with radioactive material.